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The utilities sector has shown a constant transformation, far beyond the utility service it previously provided, starting to innovate in the various pillars of its activity. Operators in this sector have devoted the last few years to providing uninterrupted service that enters our homes and businesses without us being able to grasp the necessary network until a switch is turned on or a water tap is turned on. We have taken these services for granted and are no longer dealing with utilities operators, no more than paying for consumed services. Today, from the use of telemetry and IOT systems for control and analysis of consumption patterns, through the use of incident management and control systems, to the end customer communication made available through new channels and broadening its offer. other ancillary services such as home and equipment insurance, is undoubtedly one of the sectors with the most technological innovation.

New EPALnet Digital Counter

We have implemented a One Stop Shop where all customers will be able to manage their water contract. As a result, telephone answering calls decreased by 5%. We develop mobile applications to control services and events used in the field, providing centralized management of the operation, with real time communication with each operator, increasing the service allocation management capacity by 10%.

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