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DXspark develops its work close to its clients, assisting them in their digital transformation.

Nearshore Technology Services (NTS) offers three custom service models that best fit the structure of your business.

Agap2 Technology Services (ATS) presents its clients with a new brand and a distinct way of thinking and making technology.

Banking / Insurance

ATS Banking image
ATS Banking image

Financial services play an indispensable role in any economy in the world, and the most visible corollary of this is that we depend on them to carry out practically all actions of our daily lives. Like other sectors, here too, we have seen recent transformations that we might call revolutionary and completely disruptive. From the outset, by the appearance of new companies, usually startups, who brought to the agenda the concept of Fintech. This new way of acting, based on innovative technology, guarantees high standards of security, simplicity and agility to financial operations, which translates into a revolution at various levels, from communication with clients, strategic positioning and the actual materialization of operations. In a digital world that is always connected, clients crave process agility, quick responses and direct control over their finances and investments. The challenge of traditional institutions is to adapt to the new reality, accepting that business is changing and that the only way to maintain and strengthen it is by accepting and adapting to this ongoing digital revolution.

agap2IT has a strong presence in this sector.

As a result of our strong presence in this sector, agap2IT is now able to participate in complex projects and challenges aimed at responding to this paradigm shift and performance of financial institutions. From the outset, we are witnessing a phase of increasing automation of business processes that banks and insurers are carrying out across the board. Cost reduction and simplicity of processes, provided by innovative and more efficient technologies, such as robotization and artificial intelligence, are consequences of the emergence of new players that require traditional institutions to reorganize themselves and adapt to the new type of client: more demanding, more informed and less prone to bureaucratic and tedious processes. Our performance, in various phases of the projects and in different contexts, has allowed our clients to bring the industry closer to the most innovative technology in the market and new ways of communicating with clients. At the same time, over the past few years, we have maintained our participation in projects of business continuity, system modernization and optimization of existing processes, which, with our experience, helped to redesign its architecture and migrate services to the new digital channels.

Simplicity of processes, provided by innovative and more efficient technologies.

Our Product team has the best professionals to develop the most challenging and innovative solutions.