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DXspark develops its work close to its clients, assisting them in their digital transformation.

Nearshore Technology Services (NTS) offers three custom service models that best fit the structure of your business.

Agap2 Technology Services (ATS) presents its clients with a new brand and a distinct way of thinking and making technology.

Travel & Leisure

ATS Travel Image
ATS Travel Image

Travelling today is more than an activity, in certain cases it is even a lifestyle. In this sense, it is becoming increasingly important for companies in the sector to achieve solutions that respond to the major challenges of this market: increasing competition, instability and dynamism of the market and increasing consumer expectations. Only companies that can implement quality digital solutions will be able to ensure a greater number of clients significantly reducing their acquisition cost, promoting better results and better positioning in the market. In today's world, technology has allowed to eliminate barriers by making technology-based and digital companies compete and control much of the world's travel market, being the biggest players in the current market.

Travelling through Transformation

Over the past few years, agap2IT been always linked to the Tourism sector, contributing its technical know-how to the development of tools that allow innovation and the growing digitization of the sector. Associated with the largest companies in this market, agap2IT has been present in several digital projects with a great focus on the web and mobile channel, contributing its teams to the development of booking portals and core tools for this market.

Present in several digital projects.

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