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DXspark develops its work close to its clients, assisting them in their digital transformation.

Nearshore Technology Services (NTS) offers three custom service models that best fit the structure of your business.

Agap2 Technology Services (ATS) presents its clients with a new brand and a distinct way of thinking and making technology.

Transport, Infrastructures & Logistics

ATS transport image
ATS transport image

The perception that the world has become smaller is now a reality. The technological evolution and the digital revolution we have witnessed in the transport and infrastructure sector has come to stay and very soon we will not be able to imagine our day-to-day lives without the new solutions we have. By sea, land or air, mobility is today a central theme for Governments and Society, from which businesses and consumers do not want to be left out. agap2IT is the expert you need to digitize your business and turn the traditional transport sector into a true mobility experience.

The transport sector in Portugal is changing.

agap2IT has been following this evolution since its foundation and the interest and specialization of our technical teams in this sector have grown exponentially in recent years. ‘Legacy’ and heavy technology has been completely replaced by solutions from the third platform, namely Mobile, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Social Business solutions. agap2IT, always following closely the technological modernization of the largest references of this sector in Portugal — aviation, land and maritime transport — of which it is a long-standing partner, has managed to provide specialized and differentiating know-how. As a reference technology services company, agap2IT has participated in the development of several innovative projects that have come to allow consumers to purchase services in real time, without waiting in long queues and just a click away. The development of mobility solutions and the transformation of mere institutional sites into real points of sale of online services.

Services in real time, with no queues and just a click away.

Our Product team has the best professionals to develop the most challenging and innovative solutions.