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DXspark develops its work close to its clients, assisting them in their digital transformation.

Nearshore Technology Services (NTS) offers three custom service models that best fit the structure of your business.

Agap2 Technology Services (ATS) presents its clients with a new brand and a distinct way of thinking and making technology.

Sports & Health

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The challenge of the health and sports sector is to become increasingly accessible and effective in a dynamic environment, of rapid change and complexity. The most successful companies in this sector will be the ones that best adapt to the digital component, focused on the consumer and their expectations and, in addition, manage to implement a flexible operating model. With population growth and increasing need for better health care, this sector is under enormous pressure to ensure better care, more effective and at the lowest possible cost. In sport too, today we are seeing a constant need to bring practitioners and followers closer to the institutions, as well as to modernise all those involved. Sports agents now understand more than ever the importance of having a digital identity and marking their territory in the online world.

Democratisation of Football

Digital management in the football world for many years was nothing more than a utopia. However, what seemed unattainable in the short term was possible. Through a strong investment, agap2IT has presented a solution that allows digitization of football clubs and access to a tool that allows to control all its departments. With a strong partnership with Liga Portugal, agap2IT stands today as the great technological partner for national football with a democratic model that allows any club to obtain the FootballISM tool.

Strong partnership with Liga Portugal.

Our Product team has the best professionals to develop the most challenging and innovative solutions.